Welcome to ENISHIYA!!!

“Enishiya” is the shop where you can experience Japanese culture through kimonos and incenses.

Nara-machi, where Enishiya is located, has an elegant townscape. The Gangoji Temple which is registered as a world heritage is nearby and it is an ideal location to take a walk in kimono as there are plenty of stylish cafes and knick-knack shops in the area.

It is also conveniently located for the Todaiji Temple, the Nara Park and the Kasuga-taisha Shrine, all are located within easy walking distance.

The kimonos we stock are mainly vintage kimonos and obi sash belts, their charms go beyond the time or period, you would be enchanted by the kimonos we provide.

Our kimonos are mostly made of pure silk.

You can choose your own style, from traditional to retro & modern chic styles, please enjoy dressing up in your unique kimono style.

For the incense making workshop, you can create your own blend using the natural aromatic base materials.

The incenses are said to have been introduced to Japan 1500 years ago, they were used as part of the Buddhist service and arrived together with the Buddhist scriptures.

The aromatic base materials used for incense preparation are mostly natural roots and barks that are used also as medicinal herbs.

The incenses made of natural base materials have a smell which is calming and is somewhat able to evoke nostalgia.

Why don’t you add a gentle fragrance to your life from now?

If you could have an enjoyable time through our kimonos or incenses, we would be most pleased.

We all look forward to meeting you in our shop.



At Enishiya, for sightseeing or strolling in Nara, we have 7 kimono rental plans for you, so that you will be able to feel at ease to rent and enjoy dressing in kimono.

Do take this opportunity and enjoy your own unique kimono style to go with the ancient capital city of Nara.

You can choose the style to suit you.

※The duration of kimono rental is from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.


Manyo Plan4,500円
Casual KimomoObi(hoso obi)TabiNagajubanHadajubanBagSandal
Yamatonadeshiko Plan5,500円
KimomoObi(otaiko obi)TabiNagajubanHadajubanBagSandal
Men’s Kimono Plan4,500円
Men’s kimonoObiBagTabiSandal
※The rental package does not include a inner for men.
Please take it that solid colour or you can buy one.
※for an extra 500yen.
Eniyui Plan for couple!!8,500円
《for female》
KimomoObi(otaiko obi)TabiNagajubanHadajubanBagSandal《for men》
Men’s kimonoObiBagTabiSandal
※The rental package does not include a inner for men.
Please take it that solid colour or you can buy one.
※for an extra 500yen.
Yukata plan3,800円
※summer season only!!
※The rental package does not include a inner for men.Please take it that solid colour or you can buy one.
※for an extra 500yen.
Plemium Plan6,500円
Plemium KimomoObi(otaiko obi)TabiNagajubanHadajubanBagSandal
hair set
Casual hair set1,000円

Procedure of the rental kimono

※Until return after coming.

  • 1.Reservation
  • 2.Please come our shop
  • 3.Choose a kimono
  • 4.Dress you up in turns
  • 5.Hair set
  • 6.Payment
  • 7.Go to sightseen
  • 8.Return

Shop Information

Address Casa Yakushido 103, 13 Yakushido, Nara, Nara, 630-8321
Open 9:30~18:00
Holiday Irregular Holiday
TEL 0742-55-3971
English is available.
Access Train
15 min. from Kintetsu Nara sta.
12 min. from JR Kyobate sta.
20 min. from JR Nara sta.
4 min. from Fukuchiincho.
4 min. from Tanakamachi.

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